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Urban-Industrial Style

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Cement, wood, and iron: an essential, classic trio for any industrial style project. In this industrial style bathroom, all three materials are very much present.

Floor and cladding feature Dekton® Kreta, a cement-like grey color, part of the Industrial Collection.

The under-counter cabinet in reclaimed wood with black metal profiles finishes off the industrial look.

To create contrast while highlighting the vanity area, the designer chose a Silestone® White Zeus countertop. The sink integrated into the countertop provides a practical and hygienic design.

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Custom showers and shower trays in the same material as the floor

Integrating the shower area with the floor and wall cladding in order to avoid cuts and changes of plane creates a seamless, on-trend look.

The Dekton® Gocce shower tray makes it easy to achieve. Uninterrupted surfaces, large-format shower screens with black profiles, and ceiling-mounted showerheads result in a stunning shower design.

In this project, the Evita S sink is integrated into the countertop. Both integrated sinks and surface-mounted sinks are in vogue.

The use of cantilever, freestanding furniture, and matte black taps finish off the look.

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Silestone® White Zeus, from the Mythology Collection, is a timeless material, which brings a touch of brightness and character to any bathroom.

Dekton® Kreta is a cement-inspired material, perfect for urban or industrial style decoration. Its 320 x 144 cm format allows for continuous surfaces and integrated spaces; for example, the bedroom, bathroom, and living room - the result is a loft-style look.

1 - Countertop in Silestone® White Zeus
2 - Gocce shower tray in Dekton® Kreta
3 - Evita S sink in Silestone® White Zeus
4 - Wall and floor cladding in Dekton® Kreta

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