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A very personal design featuring classic materials modernized by contemporary trends

A white veiny shade to give any bathroom a classic touch, which is why Silestone® Calacatta Gold was selected. It is a white color featuring gray veins with golden nuances.

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Large vertical and horizontal planes

A contemporary design is fundamentally practical. In this style, functionality comes first but never compromising on beauty.

In this bathroom, the interior designer selected a large shower enclosure, an extra-large frameless mirror, and spacious drawers for storage.

The designer also incorporated decorative elements, such as greenery, polished copper taps, and a material reminiscent of Ancient Greek marble: Silestone® Calacatta Gold.

A huge bespoke bath in the same material takes center stage in the room.

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1 - Floor cladding and tailor-made bath in Silestone® Calacatta Gold

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