Urban-Industrial Style

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Break with convention and reinterpret the industrial style bathroom with a look inspired by the great cities: imperfect elements and color patterns with textures full of character.

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Contrasting tones in a chic, industrial finish for your bathroom

In this essentially urban bathroom, the designer used Dekton® Liquid Embers wall cladding, from the Dekton® Liquid collection. This material, which is reminiscent of volcanic magma, adds elegance and character to the project.

To achieve a more dramatic effect in this industrial style bathroom, the Symmetry sink by Silestone® has been used on a countertop of the same material, thus creating a perfect symbiosis with the wall cladding.

Matte chrome-plated taps, rust-effect sink profiles, and black metal framed mirrors complete the scene, giving it a distinctly industrial effect.

In contrast, and to avoid an extremely dark finish, the interior designer has gone for a large-format floor in Dekton® Lunar, which adds that touch of concrete, typical in lofts and urban spaces.

Dekton® Liquid Embers is a charcoal black color with bluish filigree, forming an illusion of liquid and fire. This finish denotes power and creativity. Furthermore, its selective gloss texture provides extra richness and intensity.

Dekton® Lunar is a material from the Dekton Industrial Collection. This white color, featuring subtle grey and beige touches, is a great choice to make any space light and bright.

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1 - Dekton® Liquid Embers
2 - Dekton® Lunar
3 - Symmetry sink by Silestone®

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