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An interesting use of space and cream tones results in this contemporary style bathroom.

Three vertical planes - mirror, sink, and window - in perfect contrast to the monolithic countertop and the horizontal plane of the floor, in the same material, achieve a spectacular result in this very architectural bathroom.

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Inspired by the quartzite of the Taj Mahal, Dekton® Taga evokes the elegance and character of natural stone.

For the wall, the designer chose Dekton® Taga, a color embracing earth tones with caramel-colored veins: an evocative yet classic color for such a modern design.

Dekton® Fossil, from the Natural Collection, has been used on both the countertop and floor, achieving an excellent result: a dark grey cladding that transports us back to the most ancient periods. This color is available in two formats, 320 x 144 cm and made to measure, which is very useful when it comes to cladding the horizontal planes of a space, such as a floor and countertop of this bathroom.

Finally, as if it were a huge totem, the sink has been custom-made in Silestone® Negro Tebas, with an attractive matte texture finish.

The coldness and abruptness of square shapes and vertical and horizontal planes are offset by the warmth of the materials used in the project.

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1 - Wall cladding in Dekton® Taga
2 - Countertop and floor cladding in Dekton® Fossil
3 - Tailor-made sink Silestone® Negro Tebas

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