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Black shower trays – an elegant, calm bathroom

Black and dark shades are becoming a more important feature of our home design. In contrast to light shades, black adds an extra touch of personality and strength to the place where it is predominantly used.

And why not also use it in our shower tray? If you choose a black shower, we will give you some style tips to make your black shower tray the best feature of your bathroom.

High quality and colour innovation in a black shower tray

Shower trays are becoming a key feature of our bathrooms today. Regardless of how big our bathroom is, showers offer many advantages over baths, so they are a good option in terms of design and comfort.

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The latest design trends include compact and resistant black shower trays. It is also very important that the shower tray is made of a resistant, high quality and non-slip material.

After all, colour does not necessarily mean a loss of quality. Today, the use of synthetic materials such as Silestone gives us greater flexibility in terms of design and colour while maintaining the strength and resistance we need. Silestone is also available in a wide range of textures, shades and colours to make your bathroom the place you’ve always dreamed of. Any of Silestone’s black shades, from classic Iconic Black to Stellar Negro, will be a good choice to add a touch of elegance and character to your bathroom.

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Dekton is another excellent choice if you are looking for a compact, state-of-the-art material that is totally non-slip and can be customised in colour. As for material finishes, it is advisable that they are sandblasted rather than polished to ensure safety. From glossy Spectra to Fossil’s natural black veining, any Dekton shade will also be a great choice for your black shower tray when it comes to comfort and quality.

A winning combination with a black shower tray

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Black is an evocative colour that conveys a sense of calm and elegance to the place where it is used. It works perfectly with most colours, textures and styles, making it the ideal colour for any environment, including the bathroom. Although black is thought to make a place look less bright, the fact is that, in combination with the right tones and proportions, it will become the jewel of our bathroom.

The classic white and black duo is a timeless option that never fails, as white brings light while black offers elegance and simplicity. If you want to create two clearly defined spaces, playing with light and dark tones is a good choice. Use intense black for the floor and the shower; and white for the washbasin, shelves, walls and floor to nuance the colour duality with a black shower tray.

Using each colour in different areas of the room will make it possible to create two spaces in one. Furthermore, a black shower tray will give you an extra warm feeling compared to the coldness of white.

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However, if you are looking for even more sophistication, white marble or finishes inspired by natural stone is the perfect choice, such as the colour Helena (Dekton), with a great chromatic variety between grey and white tones. Or Entzo marble (Dekton), inspired by random forms of nature with a golden veining.

Combine the marble of your choice on the walls with the most exclusive black shower tray and the rest of the flooring. Don’t overdo it with mirrors, paintings or other design features that reduce the elegance of this combination of textures. With this choice, you will certainly get a very special bathroom.

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And why not opt completely for black? While experts advise against the predominance of dark colours in a room, the total black style can be the gamble that causes a sensation.

It is all about the style and colour of the other features. Use achromatic colours in your sanitary ware, washbasin and surfaces while adding a touch of brightness with metal fittings and accessories. You can be sure that no bathroom will be more unique and striking than a totally black one.

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Our favourite corner

Having a shower after a long day at work can be one of the most pleasant moments of the day. In fact, it can even be that special moment that gives you a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

Turn your black shower tray into the most important part of your home with unique features that make you feel calm and serene.

How to achieve it? Choose black for most of your bathroom and you will get a secure, calm feeling that no other colour can give you. Because dark shades have a peaceful effect that leads to meditation and relaxation.

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