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Cosentino City Madrid hosts the presentation of a new global guide of contemporary architecture whose objective is to promote the knowledge and recognition of the most excellent architecture in the world today.

C-Guide arrives to connect the digital environment with the architectural reality of cities through a website and an app for mobile devices, which will encourage visits to different projects and help to understand them. C-Guide aims to generate awareness of the importance of the city, public space and architecture in the lives of citizens; the recognition of current architecture of excellence in the world, beyond academic fields.

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All projects are accompanied by an image gallery (sometimes they can even include plans or drawings of the design process) and an information sheet with a description of the work, author, year of construction, location, qualification (C, CC, CCC), visitability (visitable, visible from the street, visitable by arrangement or not) and labels (they help with interpretation and are proposed by the C-Guide committee, as well as by the users themselves). The platform offers the possibility of a quick search by the user, taking into account these same parameters included in the information sheet of each project.

The official presentation of C-Guide took place yesterday at Cosentino City Madrid, the dynamic exhibition center that Cosentino has in the middle of Paseo de la Castellana and that is considered a reference point for architecture and design professionals in the city of Madrid. The Contemporary Architecture Foundation was represented by the trustees Rafael de La-Hoz, Victoria Garriga and María González, who discussed the issues taken into account for the development of C-Guide. This colloquium was moderated by the journalist and writer Anatxu Zabalbeascoa. Also present were Pedro García, patron and responsible for the activity; Jorge Martín, responsible for the contents of the guide; and Carlos Anaya, coordinator of activities. On behalf of Grupo Cosentino, the event was attended by Santiago Alfonso, vice-president of communication and marketing.

C-Guide will be expanded in phases, including new cities in each of them. In 2019, the first phase will be launched with works in London and Los Angeles, and will be extended in the coming months to Barcelona, Paris and Sydney.

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