Daruan VC
Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos
Aravaca, Madrid
Nowadays, business grows at an undetermined speed, and their working places need to show the same growing rhythm. Sometimes they do it at high speed. In other cases they require new space for unconventional activities.

The spanish architectural practice Langarita-Navarro Architects is in charge of the revamp of an office in Aravaca, near Madrid. The clients requirements included the design of a stronger corporate image and an increase of the available working places.

The project consisted of the following actions:
- Reboot the space. Business change their size, location, clients...they need freedom of movement to allow new beginnings. 
- New material hierarchies. The horizontal plane vanishes,the warmth of the ceilings is reinforced with wood and the plants assume the leading role. 
- Multiple uses. Looking for the coexistence of superimposed worlds in order to find a model that is replicable, scalable and sustainable.

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Top Floor
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