Discover the trendiest ideas to decorate your home

When you decide to renovate  your home, the decoration and each detail are as important as the quality of the materials used. If you feel like you want to provide it with a fresh air, to try something new, to surprise your guests and to create fun spaces, we will show you some very different ideas. Trendy and avant-garde proposals, for daring people:

Designing the future

The world of trends is constantly revisiting its past, in a retro spiral which makes it hard to come up with anything new. To counter this, some designers look to the future for inspiration. Some of them find it in the promises of science fiction films, while others guess at what will come on the basis of current trends, and, lastly, a few visionaries attempt to design new concepts, free from the constraints of the present.



A perfectly laid table

A well-laid table showcases not only the flavor of the dishes, but also the good taste of the host. The way we set the table is as important as the food we prepare. The plates, trays, cutlery and vases might be less nourishing than the food, but they are far more visually appealing, and, because of this, in the last few years we have begun to pay more attention to them. Check out this page, lay the table and feast on these styles.



Be light

Lighting is a key element in any home. There are people that prefer to handle lighting with subtle built-in hallogen lights, while others use lamps as just another decorative element.. We have chosen the brightest proposals on the market for them.



Oasis of style

A house full of plants is a home with life. But there are many ways in which to bring plant life into our homes. The terracotta pots we use outdoors are not suitable, so we must find the perfect container or vase.




1 - Armchairs by Sancal

2 - Table made with Dekton Slim Zenith

3 - Industrial Collection - Dekton by Cosentino

4 - OP-Vase by Bilge Nur Saltik