Earthrise Studio

Studio McW
London, United Kingdom

Arranged over two floors, the live-work space was designed to seamlessly balance rest and relaxation with the operations of the owners' company

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Photos: © Lorenzo Zandri

Studio McW took a light touch approach to enhance the buildings’ original features including large steel windows and trusses, exposed concrete beams, and a double-height pitched roof with overhead glazing. The entrance level was redesigned, opening up the existing partitioned bedroom and dressing room to create a large aperture to draw light through the new glazed internal wall to the bathroom and utility space. The floor plan was constricted by a large, defunct concrete doorway that created a bottle neck.

Studio McW removed this impediment and reorganised the layout, shifting the kitchen to the rear of the apartment to create flexible yet distinct zones for work, rest and dining. The bright neutral interiors were anchored with custom oak and concrete joinery, cast in situ. The vast concrete island stands steadfast in the kitchen, doubling as a dining bench. Much of the artwork and prints decorating the interiors were created by the couples’ friends. Earthrise Studio is finished with matte clay walls and the steel balustrade.

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