BURR studio
Madrid, Spain

This project is part of an ‘Elements for Industrial Recovery’ series through which BURR seeks to reactivate industrial spaces within Madrid’s urban fabric

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Photos: © Luis Díaz Díaz

Over the years the Eulalia Gil industrial premises had become a depot of miscellaneous objects. All this stuff had generated such a motley of compositions that the container itself had become background. With this idea as starting point, the team of BURR added elements without directly affecting the outer walls, thinking of them as new items in the collection.

A large door now both connects and isolates a small private space for the user. In color, materiality, and form, it strikes a contrast with the rest of the building. The new entrance stairs features a railing of two yellow tubes, one inside and the other outside the bedroom. The rest of the space is simply a neutral backdrop that exalts its contents.

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