estudio DIIR
Madrid, Spain

The brand identity, the sales experience and the need to transmit healthy values explain the commitment to color in this project on Fortuny Street

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Photos: © David Zarzoso

Green becomes the protagonist of the intervention, radically flooding the space. Betting on monochrome as the main strategy of the intervention is a risk that has repercussions on the need to have a repertoire of constructive solutions and materials as homogeneous as coherent. As a result, a particular and inimitable atmosphere accompanies the retail experience.

To deal with the succession of spaces without falling into compartmentalization, the project plays with height across three rooms. A ceramic-clad bar welcomes visitors while displaying the product. Next, an amphitheater resolves the first slope and rises as a grandstand for the diners. In the highest area, there is a dining room with seats flanked by greenery.

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