3D Illustration
In recent years, the artists of the studio Hunky-dunky have seen their works featured in art and design magazines all over the world.

After several years of working separately for international clients, 3D artist Yonito Tanu and art director Jessica Chapiness have together set up the studio Hunky-dunky, based in Spain, and created colorful 3D illustrations for companies such as Maxibon, Cruzcampo, Burger King or Bankia.

Among their projects is ‘This Isn’t Paris,’ the result of a commission they received from the town hall of quiet Llombai, which wanted a book cover for its annual festival that expressed the joy of a small and timeless village rich in nature, traditions, and people. These festivals are held in summer and no resident misses it. Age does not matter and it’s a must to dance umtil daylight on the main square.

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Other interesting images are those of the ‘Summer Diary’ project, which proposes reminiscing on the highlights of summer through a graphic diary because, in the words of Tanu and Chapiness: “Summer may be over, but its hot fun memories will last forever”

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