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Necessary Information on White Quartz countertops

White quartz countertops are a clean and modern choice for any design. The durability, easy maintenance, and variety in texture make quartz an ideal material for countertops that need to look great for a long time.

Quartz is a fairly new and modern addition to the family of countertop materials. Quartz countertops are an engineered or man-made material that consists of ground or crushed quartz, the second most common mineral on Earth, and mixes it with polymers, resins, and pigment to create a wide array of textures and colours.

This post will provide information on the benefits of choosing white quartz countertops including durability, maintenance, and design considerations.

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Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world with a 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, only surpassed by topaz, corundum, and diamond. This gives quartz countertops a distinct advantage over materials such a granite and other natural stone. While it is possible to find slabs of natural quartz, most quartz countertops are man-made or engineered stone. This means that the material has all of the durability benefits of the mineral with the bonus of it not having to be sealed.

Because quartz countertops are made with around 6-10% resins, they are non-porous and never have to be sealed. This is a great advantage over materials like granite because they are able to withstand almost everything that comes their way including spills, regular cleaning, and some heat (usually up to 204° C). Water and other liquids will not stain a white quartz countertop. However, high heat can burn the material and if temperatures change quickly, the countertop could crack. Care should be taken by placing a trivet or potholder under any hot cooking dishes.

Quartz is chemically inert, which mean that it does not react to most chemicals. Because of this physical and chemical property, there is no need to worry if wine, citrus juices, or many common cleaning materials come in contact with the surface. Bleach may damage the surface and some harsh cleaning chemicals can cause the material to degrade in spots.

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Easy maintenance

countertops get used and abused almost as much as floors. Maybe even more considering knives, hot cooking dishes, and daily cleaning. A white quartz countertop is very easy to maintain for a number of reasons. As previously stated, quartz countertops are non-porous which makes cleaning incredibly easy and stress-free. Natural stone such as granite and marble can absorb liquids because of their porous nature, which would lead to stains.

Quartz does not need any kind of special cleaner. Harsh cleaning chemicals may damage the surface, so if anything spills, simple soap and warm water is typically all it takes to clean up.

Because quartz is man-made and non-porous, it never has to be sealed the way natural stonecountertops do. This also means that quartz countertops are very hygienic and have antibacterial properties.


While quartz can come in a wide array of colours, even a white quartz countertop can provide variety in texture. Cosentino manufactures countertops that can be finer or coarser depending on the design. The finer end of the spectrum will lend itself to a smoother, more uniform finish. The coarser end of the spectrum will add more variety to the texture of the finish.

Many manufacturers carry designs that are made to mimic marble countertops. Most of the field is white quartz with streaks and veins of black and grey. These designs provide a great alternative to marble; they still have the beautiful look of marble with all of the durability and easy maintenance of quartz.

The simplicity and the elegance of the Eternal Calacatta Gold from Silestone, that gathers all the practicalities of quartz without leaving aside the luxurious touch of marble is a great choice for kitchen or bathroom countertops.

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Because quartz countertops are made from crushed stone suspended in polymers and resins, they provide a visual depth that natural stone just does not have. It can contain very interesting variation in texture but will have a very consistent colour because it is engineered. This can be a great feature when more than one piece is needed to complete a design. Natural stone can vary greatly in colour from slab to slab making seams more obvious.

White quartz countertops are not only modern and beautiful, they are a practical choice. As this article has shown, quartz is a very durable material that is easy to maintain, and incredibly flexible from a design perspective. Cosentino has many designs in stock that can add elegance to any surface.

Tags: Countertop, Kitchen, Tips | 2 años ago | Written by: Cosentino

Tags: Countertop, Kitchen, Tips | 2 años ago | Written by: Cosentino