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Nice weather: let’s make the most of it!

The arrival of spring and summer is one of those times of the year that we most look forward to. It brings us colour, light and positivity. It's the moment we leave the gloom of winter behind and life becomes filled with optimism and eagerness to enjoy the outdoors. 

However, as we know, this time is going to be a little different. Our houses will be the place where we will spend most of our time this year. So how about we keep motivated and make good use of this time at home, by taking inspiration and advice from some of the best interior designers? 

Image of raw1 3 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - Cosentino?Take advantage of the natural light 

The days are now longer, meaning we can enjoy more natural lighting in the home without the need for electricity. Seize this moment! Open the windows and let the sun and fresh air flood in. It will also help boost your mood. 

Image of minh pham 1 B4Zzh7UpQ unsplash 1 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoBring your living room to life 

No doubt this is the busiest space in the home right now, acting as a home cinema and gym, playroom and schoolroom for the children or place of work for the adults. Maybe it's simply a place to disconnect from it all with a good book or headphones. 

Image of Mesa Dekton Slim Table Detalle Laos 2 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoJump right in and redecorate your living room to reflect the joy that nice weather brings. Replace sofa covers and rugs with fresher, bolder fabrics. Add plants, repurpose wicker baskets into trays that can hold vases filled with flowers, or add a lick of paint to brighten up that tired old lamp. 

Image of MG 2259 1 scaled 8 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoCarles Tort, interior designer at Estudio L'Explorateur, advises us on the importance of making seasonal changes to decor, just as we do with clothing: "We want to create a feeling of lightness. Keep some decorative elements for a while, but also make changes; removing heavy curtains and leaving lighter ones in place, moving pieces of furniture around or revamping sofa cushions help to create that feeling of change". 

Image of lor 1 3 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoIf you are lucky enough to have an open-plan living room and kitchen, which is very trendy these days, you can keep both spaces illuminated and aligned. With Cosentino's new Dekton Slim, and its thickness of just 4?mm, surfaces in both rooms can be covered with seamless visual continuity. 

Get the most out of your kitchen  

Our dear kitchens. To whom in the throes of hectic day-to-day life we ??cannot express enough appreciation for all that they do, but who are now getting worn out. The fact is that now more than ever is the time to get creative with recipes or dare to try something as delicious and traditional as kneading and baking bread. 

Image of Dekton Avant Garde Laurent Kitchen 1 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoLet's not forget that the kitchen is one of the most "multi-functional" rooms in the home, a space that at one moment can be a classroom for the children to do their homework and at another acts as an improvised home office. 

Given this situation and coinciding with the arrival of spring and summer, according to Carles Tort, "we should try to create a space where we feel comfortable working. Ideally, this would mean taking advantage of the views outside the window, the flow of natural light as well as interaction with plants or flowers". 

Once again, the kitchen space is where the whole family comes together as well as a place that's used throughout the day at different times. If Silestone or Dekton already feature in your home, there's no need to worry about hygiene as these surfaces are extremely easy to clean and disinfect. In addition, the Eternal collection by Silestone or Stonika by Dekton evoke the beauty of nature in your home thanks to their designs inspired by the natural world. 

Image of Encimera SIlestone Marengo 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoNice weather has arrived in your kitchen! Now's the time to bring out your floral tablecloths. Spruce up the worktop with indoor plants and place freshly-cut flowers, arranged in a recycled glass bottle, on the table. If you still don't have your indoor herb garden, why not start? Parsley, mint or basil will add character to your kitchen and flavour to your dishes. 

Don't forget that one of the secrets is to look at the world around us with a different perspective, as suggested by the interior designer, Lorna de Santos: "I encourage you to turn everything around, literally... Given that we are experiencing a difficult situation, we must make changes to the world around us, so as not to get bored. And let's face it, nothing is closer to hand than our furniture. Why not turn the angle of the dining table and change your usual viewpoint? Sometimes we become creatures of habit, but you'd be surprised at how easy it is to adapt to new things". 

Find your own personal space in the bathroom 

This is a space that has lately gained more importance. It is a place where we can lock ourselves away for some quiet time. Where we can relax and disconnect from work, from being makeshift teachers, or from cooking like a head chef, and in turn, to keep our minds positive. In short: the bathroom is our daily time out. 

Image of Dekton Bathroom Aura 15 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoBut this space also requires some love and attention. Silestone surfaces add design and functionality, helping you to create a bathroom with personality, while Dekton provides unbeatable high-resistance characteristics. With Dekton Grip+ you can enjoy an anti-slip floor, which is ideal for this part of the house. 

Give a nod to spring and summer with different coloured soaps, which you can even get the children to create as part of an entertaining arts and crafts project. There are also plants such as bamboo, orchids and aloe vera that are able to thrive in typical bathroom temperatures. Lorna de Santos reveals that she visits the florist closest to her home to buy a new plant every season, choosing the one that her family is most excited about. 

Image of Encimera Silestone Eternal Pearl Jasmine 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoAnd if you like DIY decoration, let your imagination run wild! Painting a piece of furniture to your liking or reusing glass jars by filling them with shells, stones or coloured crystals, will inject some life into your bathroom. 

Say hello to the sun every day 

If you have a balcony, place plant pots out there to add some cheer. But if you really want to be the envy of your neighbours when they come out to clap, customise flowerpots by giving an old basket a face-lift or wrapping them in raffia or linen fabric. 

Similarly, as Carles Tort tells us: "It's all about creating spaces in which we feel both comfortable and want to use. Having some plants, a small chair or low stool and, if possible, a small table or some kind of supporting surface, will enable us to use this type of outdoor space at any time of day". 

Image of Tablero mesa redonda Dekton Kairos 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoIf you are one of the lucky ones to have a garden, make sure to enjoy this precious commodity right now. Play sport outside, improvise a hammock... Do you have a barbecue? Take advantage of it every weekend! With a Dekton surface you can create your dream outside space, from furniture to an outdoor kitchen if you have the space. 

Image of Dekton Outdoor Countertop Olimpo Flooring Keon 1 1 in Nice weather: let's make the most of it! - CosentinoKeep in mind, we cannot change the circumstances we are in, but we can change the way in which we deal with them. This year we can look forward to a different kind of spring and summer, together with our nearest and dearest at home, a place that offers hope and comfort.