Pine Pavilion
DnA_Design and Architecture Studio
Huangyu Village, China

Located along the Songyn River and the road leading to the village of Huangyu, the pavilion welcomes cyclists and hikers taking a break but also exalts the traditional values of the place.

Addressing the history of the region, renowned for the production of pine resin, the facility includes an exhibition space devoted to this activity.

The structure is basically made of prefabricated pieces of pinewood assembled on the site. The pavilion is divided into four segments arranged in such a way that they form an elongated floor facing the river: an exhibition hall beside the store, a service area, a tea room, and a private zone. These sections are separated by glass surfaces presenting the history of pine resin production through artistic illustrations that create narrative images when combined with the surrounding trees.

The simplicity of wood and the clarity of the construction system reinforce one’s conception of the pavilion as an oasis of calm and respite, besides a tourism infrastructure that links past and future in the course of conveying knowledge about the place and the traditional methods of making resin.

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