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Urban style gets a makeover with a minimalist chic touch

The philosophy behind urban style lies in having the freedom to choose how you want to live. Urban style is an eclectic mix of different styles combined with complete freedom and individuality. More than a decorative style, it is a lifestyle intimately connected to the way of life in a big city.

Urban style spaces are often spacious, colorful, bright and very creative. There is no single urban style, but it can be customized to the fullest, from minimalism to industrial, rustic, modern or vintage styles, to name but a few.

In recent years, urban style has been reinvented, moving closer to the more minimalist and natural Nordic style. Thus, cement and concrete finishes are combined with wood, plants and neutral, natural fabrics. This combination provides warmth and a sense of order, cleanliness and wellbeing that makes us feel more comfortable at home.

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The most popular materials and colors in urban style

One of the main colors in the urban style palette is gray in its different shades which, although considered a cold color, is synonymous with sophistication and balance. Styles such as Nordic and Japandi have brought with them a trend for gray shades that is here to stay.

Other colors commonly used in this decorative style are white, black and beige. And of course, don’t forget to add accent details in bright colors such as yellow, green and blue in the form of lamps, chairs or small pieces of furniture.

In terms of materials, the use of polished cement, concrete and microcement – which are combined with details in steel, methacrylate or glass – stand out. To reduce the coldness, these interiors use fabrics such as velvet, cotton and even natural fabrics with a rustic finish.

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Urban Crush: the new Silestone collection that will make you fall in love with urban style

The new gray shades of the Urban Crush collection by Silestone are the canvas you need to create an urban style that doesn’t compromise on warmth. Inspired by the different textures around the city, materials such as concrete, limestone, bronze and ash form the basis of the four new colors that make up the collection.

The gray tone of Concrete Pulse is perfect for eclectic interiors, adding a vibrant contrasting effect. This natural gray shade looks great in both light and shadow. It is the best backdrop to complement with eye-catching accessories and highlight details.

The textured beige tones of Lime Delight provide a versatile background for any interior design, from calm and pure spaces to more unusual environments. Its warm, bright tones evoke the glow of the famous Marbella limestone. A bold mix of vibrant colors and textures in a completely urban style.

Brass Relish, a coppery brown with unique grain pattern, blends perfectly with the colors and design features of the modern vintage style. This sleek, sophisticated color embodies fine-grained sandstone.

The almost black and veined tones of Cinder Craze bring style, character and life to any industrial-style interior. A modern take on black sandstone. It is a combination of dark grain with white seashell veins.

Come and visit one of our Cosentino City to discover our new Urban Crush collection and receive advice from our team for your interior design project.