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Asia-Pacific Distributors Convention 2018

Turespaña and Turismo de Almería at Cosentino City Milan

Cosentino and the Marble, Stone and Materials Technology Centre work together on a national accident prevention training programme for the stone processing industry

Dekton® in Masterly–The Dutch in Milano

“Solanas”, the new GandiaBlasco collection with Dekton®

NATURE by Rifé and Mobalco with Dekton® by Cosentino

Progetto CMR creates a Smart Square with Dekton by Cosentino

Dialogues of Silestone Institute: “Disfrutar, the challenge of designing a new restaurant”

Marc Sadler designs the GranGusto kitchen with Dekton®

The Cosentino Group at the Milan International Bathroom Exhibition 2018

David Rockwell and design studio 2×4 choose Cosentino innovative surfaces for The Diner

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