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Cosentino’s Innovative Surfaces chosen by Singapore’s Global Indian International School

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Revolutionary and versatile Silestone® and Dekton® surfaces fit for the institution’s unique, state-of-the-art SMART Campus

Cosentino Group collaborates in Singapore with Global Indian International School (GIIS) for its technology-driven SMART Campus. Aptly named “School of The Future”, the 21st-century campus is meticulously designed to incorporate state-of-the-art technology into all their modern facilities to provide a nurturing environment for students. For interior spaces on par with the calibre of their education, GIIS selects Cosentino’s world-renowned surfaces Silestone® and Dekton® for its SMART Campus and integrates them seamlessly into the dynamic architecture of the School of The Future.

For the sprawling, multi-faceted campus, each floor is designed with a different theme based on nature and continents. Cosentino’s versatile and top-quality surfaces adequately complement the different nuances of each space to maximise both functionality and aesthetics. In addition, the long-lasting and durable surfaces are also easy to maintain, making them the architects’ choice for the school.

Undertaken by Architects Team 3, their architect representative Ms. Shivali Singh shares: “The infrastructure was designed to cater to GIIS vision of a unique, one-of-a-kind school which uses latest technology and modern facilities to provide a holistic, skill-based pedagogy to the students. Using versatile and quality materials like Silestone® and Dekton® surfaces, we brought out the vision of having individual and collaborative spaces that are conducive to NextGen and holistic learning.”

In common spaces such as the entrance lobby and corridors, the colours in Silestone®  are used to create interesting and vibrant flooring patterns to enliven the environment. Silestone’s wide selection of colours makes it versatile enough to suit the different colour schemes and themes of the overall design. The use of Dekton® in areas such as the main reception furnishes the space with a high-end, polished look that is visually stunning when the unique, hexagonal lighting bounces off the marbled texture of the flooring.

With its cutting-edge look and feel, GIIS SMART Campus serves as the most conducive environment to nurture young minds into future leaders and innovators to come.

Cosentino materials used in Global Indian International School SMART Campus

Project Details

  • Project Name: Global Indian International School
  • Location: No.27 Punggol Field Walk S828649, Singapore
  • Date of completion: 1stQuarter 2018
  • Architects: Architects Team 3

Cosentino Materials

  •  Location: Main Reception & Office Level 6
  • Application: Flooring
  • Material: Dekton
  • Colour: Fiord
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Quantity: 1000 m2
  • Formats: 700 x 1400mm


  • Location: Common Corridor Walkway Level 2-6.
  • Application: Flooring
  • Material: Silestone
  • Colour: Aluminio Nube, Gris Expo, Naranja Cool, Blanco Norte, Yukon, Aqua Fraccaroli, Verde Fun, Marina Stellar, Daria
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Quantity: 2200 m2
  • Formats: 600 x 600mm


  • Location: Common Lift Lobby Level 2-6.
  • Application: Interior Glued Wall Facade & Flooring
  • Material: Silestone
  • Colour: Blanco Orion, Coral Clay, Aluminio nube, Ironbark
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Quantity: 2600 m2
  • Formats: Slab Cut to Various Size


  • Location: Entrance Lobby Level 1.
  • Application: Flooring
  • Material: Silestone & Dekton
  • Colour: Danae, Glacier, Ironbark
  • Thickness: 12mm
  • Quantity: 700 m2
  • Formats: Slab Cut to Various Sizes

CS – Global Indian International School

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