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Dekton recreates the beaches of Almeria in this tavern-restaurant

Lucas Paris Interior Design


Almería, Spain




Liquid Sky | Khalo

Architecture / Design

Lucas Paris Interior Design

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Bar, wall-cladding



A colour palette to recreate any environment

“The important thing is not what you eat, but how you eat it”. The quote from the Greek philosopher Epictetus presides over the main dining room of the Joseba Añorga tavern-restaurant, a dining space that offers its customers an experience that goes beyond the culinary. The decoration of the establishment, featuring Dekton's colours Liquid Sky and Khalo, recreates different natural environments of the province of Almeria, in southern Spain.

“I wanted to recreate atmospheres and landscapes of the surroundings with very bright colours that would bring light to the restaurant”, explains Lucas Paris, the interior designer responsible for this interior design project. Paris used Dekton Khalo with Xgloss finish for the bartop, and Dekton Liquid Sky for the cladding of the main wall of the dining room.


A material designed to ‘endure’

This is not the first time that Lucas Paris has worked with Cosentino’s materials. In fact, the designer has already carried out other projects using Dekton as his benchmark material. “I always recommend Dekton for its durability and resistance. I have it well tested. I am also very interested in the fact that it is a very clean and easy to maintain material, which is very much appreciated in the hospitality industry”.

Dekton's versatility has led the restaurant owner to use small pieces of the material as plates or placemats. “We found it very interesting that the diner could eat directly on the material itself. It is part of the experience”.

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Do you need help with a project?

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“Khalo reminded me of the natural stones of the region, while Liquid Sky has a very vivid veining and a shade that takes me to the beaches of Almeria. Furthermore, it has a very attractive texture, perfect to achieve that vivid effect.”
Lucas Paris

Lucas Paris

Interior designer

A complete renovation

The Joseba Añorga tavern-restaurant is located in an early 20th century building that has undergone a careful process of restoration and renovation. Both the exterior façade and the interior spaces have been preserved while providing modern elements and designs.

Dekton's ease of installation and handling in architectural solutions, such as the main wall cladding, has been one of the key elements that has facilitated the rehabilitation work.

Finally, the fabricator company responsible for the project, Encideluxe, highlights the challenge to achieve an outstanding result: "in this project we took care of every detail, we managed to join the veins following the specifications of the interior design. We are proud to see in our projects collaboration, functionality and elegance."

Cosentino’s materials used in this project




Liquid Sky


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