Blue jeans

Sensa - Sensa premium

Blue jeans

Sensa - Sensa premium


The overwhelming intensity of nature is reflected in this color, which provides visual richness.

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Sensa Mirage
Polished finish with a more vibrant color


2,0 cm
3,0 cm


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Why you should choose Sensa Blue jeans

Sensa gives you the opportunity to enjoy natural stone without maintenance concerns. Its revolutionary stain treatment makes it durable for everyday use.
The stain-resistant protection of Sensa natural stone makes it easy to use for kitchen countertops and wall cladding. This makes it possible to create spaces with different applications to match and play off each other.

Benefits of Sensa

Unique look

Exclusive selection of natural stones with unique designs to create outstanding spaces.

Stain-resistant protection

Breakthrough treatment integrated into the molecular structure of the stone.

Low maintenance

Its treatment extends the life cycle of your countertop. No sealing is required and it is easy to clean.

Top quality

Cosentino ensures the highest quality standards throughout the extraction and processing of natural stone.
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