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Cosentino City Tel Aviv Poskytuje dokonalé prostředí pro architekty a designéry, kteří se chtějí inspirovat nejnovějšími technologiemi našich značek. Naše město slouží jako úžasná platforma designu a obsahu pro profesionální i soukromé zákazníky. Showroom nabízí víceúčelový prostor o rozloze více než 600 m2 rozdělený do fascinujícího ateliéru, aulu pro prezentace a vystavování a makety projektů.


"Cosentino’s showroom contains everything an interior designer needs. A wide range of surfaces such as Dekton and Silestone, large dimensions of materials so that customers need not leave everything to their imaginations, a practical display of materials including cutting form, various finishes and different lighting conditions. The showroom also contains various materials supplementing the design, and it is easy to assemble the house materials and combine with the stone selected from the showroom. In addition, there is a pleasant, calm area that I enjoy for holding meetings with customers."

Avivit Kunda

"Cosentino Israel’s showroom in Herzliya is one of a kind in Israel. It has an impressive display of all the newest surfaces for kitchen, bathrooms and wall cladding. All the slabs are shown in a very convenient and accessible manner and all brand new colors already appear digitally on a giant screen. The atelier with the small samples of all the colors in the center of the showroom allows one to build a mood board quickly and it greatly facilitates the selection of the perfect surface. There is no doubt that this is the most impressive, professional and inspiring showroom as far as I am concerned."

Stella Shikh

"The showroom gives great inspiration through stone displays that cover the space, the full size slabs that are on display and with its large, impressive kitchen. The sample atelier is rich with materials and is very easy for use for demonstrations to customers. The showroom certainly proves itself, for almost every time I arrived with customers, they fell in love and ended up choosing a surface for their kitchen."

Moran Beilis

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