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Die Vielseitigkeit von Dekton prägt dieses Restaurant im Zentrum von Paris

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Dekton is the starring design feature of this new restaurant center of Paris. Its surfaces, offering all the technical and aesthetic advantages that are synonymous with Dekton, were the perfect choice for Axel Cornu and Gabriel Verret; architects of the COVE studio

©Damien Boisson-Berçu

Situated within the former Laennec hospital in Paris, this project had two main challenges: restoring the room to its former grandeur and providing users with as many different configurations as possible.


We chose the matte white of Zenith for its mineral look, which lends elegance as well as texture and perfectly matches the light oak we chose for the majority of the furniture in this space. What’s more, its resistance to wear and temperature variations and its ease of cleaning all made this material particularly suitable for covering tables and counters in the restaurant. – Cornu and Verret


Four unique arrangements were designed (the large table, the open plan, the alcoves and the library). This way, users have the opportunity to enjoy the space alone, in pairs or with a group, to have lunch or to hold more formal meetings.

©Damien Boisson-Berçu

The light shades of the ultra-compact Dekton® by Cosentino surfaces help to enhance and illuminate the space. Applied to the bistro tables (70 x 70 cm), the ‘floating tables’ (bench tables without legs) and along the 11 m of the reception desk, this material bestows a sense of serenity and minimalism upon the restaurant, where shades of white and wood are the dominant colours and materials.


The quality of the finish gives a visual and tactile sensation of natural stone. Its high resistance to the different uses involved in cooking make it a particularly suitable option when it comes to designing this type of project. – Cornu and Verret


©Damien Boisson-Berçu

In addition to its refined aesthetics, Dekton® guarantees exceptional hygiene and durability thanks to its heightened resistance to UV rays, scratches, dirt and thermal shock, as well as a very low porosity.

©Damien Boisson-Berçu

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Project Details:

Architects: Axel Cornu and Gabriel Verret, COVE Architectes

Location: Rue de Sèvres, Paris

Year: 2018

Total surface area: 220 m²

Materials: Zenith Dekton® by Cosentino

Surface area: about 20 m² of Dekton®

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