Zaha Hadid + Samsung
Milan Design Week 2017
Milan, Italy
Samsung collaborated with Zaha Hadid Architects and digital art and design collective Universal Everything, to present ‘Uncon ned’, an installation showcasing the story of the Galaxy S8

Visitors journey through an immersive environment inspired by the new device, creating digital installations that bring to life the Galaxy design philosophy.

Interacting with curved screens that oat within space, visitors discover the fluidity of the new Samsung device. Graphics from the new phones are sent to the large screens, surrounding visitors with within a swarm of digital creation before they move to the second zone where the wide variety of the S8 innovative features can be explored.

Bildnummer 32 des aktuellen Abschnitts von Zaha Hadid + Samsung von Cosentino Deutschland
© Luke Hayes

Architecture & Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Design: Patrik Schumacher
Project Directors: Charles Walker, Johannes Schafelner
Project Architect: Armando Bussey
Project Designers: Tommaso Casucci, David Reeves
Team Members: Alessandra Lazzoni, Katharina Hieger, Catherine McCann, John Allan Gallerie, Sharan Sundar, Ali Abo Tabik
Project Management: Iris Worldwide
Concept Development: Iris Worldwide
Digital Art: Universal Everything
Construction: Set Square Organic Forms Productions

Bildnummer 33 des aktuellen Abschnitts von Zaha Hadid + Samsung von Cosentino Deutschland


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