Sensa Reinigung und Pflege

Sensa natural stone by Cosentino is virtually maintenance-free thanks to its stain protection, which means that no further treatment is required to protect it.

Sensa Reinigung

Image of Paso 1 in Pflege | Sensa - Cosentino

Step 1

Tragen Sie neutrale Seife auf die betroffene Stelle auf und reiben Sie sie mit einem feuchten Mikrofasertuch in kreisenden Bewegungen sanft ab.
Image of Paso 2 in Pflege | Sensa - Cosentino

Step 2

Lassen Sie es einige Minuten lang einwirken. Wischen Sie dann die restliche Seife mit einem Tuch ab. Trocknen Sie die Stelle dann mit Küchenpapier.

Sensa-Pflege - FAQs

Due to the high absorption capacity of the product (up to 5 mm), no action would be required in most cases. Only in extreme cases, should the product be re-applied. In any case, it is advisable to have this task carried out by a specialist in order to achieve the best results.

Do not place very hot objects directly on the worktop. It is recommended to use trivets when placing hot objects on the surface in order to avoid damaging the stone.

The scratch has left a metal mark on the surface. So cleaning is needed to get the metal stain out. To do this, dilute a metal cleaner with water and use the mixture with a wet blue scouring pad (always in a circular motion). You can also use cleaning vinegar or an anti-limescale product.

Yes, Sensa can be used for both flooring and wall cladding. But please note that due to the anti-stain treatment of the stone, in flooring areas with high traffic, it will eventually deteriorate.

Die Verwendung von Bleichmitteln oder anderen aggressiven Reinigungsprodukten wird nicht empfohlen.