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3D Kitchen

Cosentino wants to help you to make your projects a reality and collaborate with you in the design of your kitchen. This application is born to get your kitchen come alive with the creation of 3D images where you can configure the color, the edge and the sink.

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You will be able to configure the design of your own kitchen countertop by following a few steps and adapting its shape and position of the sink you choose.
Design your projects and choose the color and texture that suit your style. You can modify also the countertop thicknesses and preview the color of the furniture that match. Choose between a wide range of edges to finish the customization of your Silestone countertop.
Image of 3dkitchen icono color in 3D Kitchen - Cosentino
Once you have finished, you just have to click in a button to get a preview of the 3D image of your Silestone kitchen. You can also export your project with a total calculation of the used surface and information of the color, edges…in order to help you to go to your nearest kitchen and bath studio or stonemasons.