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Best-selling colour of the contemporary series

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The most contemporary Silestone

Silestone represents cutting-edge technology at the service of the contemporary style. It offers an endless number of colours, textures and formats to suit the individual style of contemporary designers and decorators. The latest collections that summarise this fusion of trends are two: the Loft Collection and the Eternal Collection.

In the first case, the most innovative feature is the use of “worn” materials (Camden in ochre or Corktown in black) or with a cement look (Poblenou in sandy colours, Seaport in grey and Nolita in cream tones).

Contemporary Gallery

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If there is one Dekton collection that best reflects the contemporary style, that is, without a doubt, The Collection. Elegance, innovation and exclusiveness define this proposal with four series of products: Liquid -featuring the characteristic flow of a liquid-, Chromica -with powerful and on trend colours-, Avant-Garde’20 -with very marked veins- and Portfolio’20 -a monochromatic and all-terrain series. The four series show a wide range of different tastes and creative proposals that blend in with contemporary decoration.

Contemporary Colours

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Rust effect with Dekton

Just as Silestone has its collection of “worn” materials, Dekton has launched its Industrial Collection, featuring colours that appear to be oxidised due to the passage of time. Whether in black (Milar, Laos, Radium), grey (Kreta, Soke, Orix), beige (Lunar, Nilum) or a mixture of all three (Trilium), this rust effect is guaranteed, achieving a very contemporary look.

In contrast to the old and worn, Dekton has developed its most luxurious collection: the Stonika Collection.

The old and the classic co-exist in perfect harmony in contemporary decoration.

Contemporary Gallery

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Contemporary style decorative tips

Ranging from cladding to worktops, washbasins to shower trays, Cosentino offers you a wide range of ideas to create a contemporary look in your living room, kitchen or bathroom.

  1. In the contemporary style anything goes. After all, it is a melting pot of trends where it is the needs of the people who will live in the house that rule. The starting point is therefore to determine the uses of each room, because contemporary design is, above all, functional.
  2. Having established these needs, the contemporary designer or decorator must seek the most efficient and ecologically responsible technical solution.
  3. Once we have chosen that material, it is time to find the creative concept around which the whole project will revolve. And that concept may have Nordic, industrial or vintage references, often being a mixture of all of them. Because the contemporary styleis, above all, eclectic, individualistic and driven by the tastes and cultural background of its creator.
  4. And the fun begins. Now it is time to find the colours, combinations, formats, finishes etc. that will best suit the chosen creative concept from the endless possibilities that both Dekton and Silestone offer for contemporary design.
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