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HybriQ® is a pioneering technology from Silestone®

An innovative generation of surfaces composed by a hybrid formulation. A new high-performance blend of premium minerals, quartz and recycled glass.
The result is a more beautiful and sustainable product. Silestone with HybriQ technology is made through a manufacturing process completely fueled by renewable energy and recycled water.
This new generation maintains the guaranteed quality of Silestone.

What is HybriQ+

HybriQ+ technology represents a step beyond in Cosentino’s commitment to offer the most innovative and sustainable products in the market. This new generation of hybrid surfaces is made, along with all the environmental friendly advantages HybriQ brings in terms of circular economy at manufacturing, with a mínimum of 20% recycled materials, such as glass. All this makes the new SIlestone the new standard of beauty, cutting-edge innovation and unprecedented sustainability.

HybriQ+ Benefits

More sustainable. More innovative.

More sustainable. More innovative.

HybriQ+ contains a minimum of 20% recycled materials and is manufactured using only renewable energy, 99% recycled water and circular economy.
More natural. More beauty.

More natural. More beauty.

The new mineral composition enables unseen effects in color depth, textures, and tones.
Same performance. Stunning quality.

Same performance. Stunning quality.

Same features, durability, and guarantee that have made Silestone the reference in the market for kitchen countertops.

What is the difference between HybriQ and HybriQ+?

Hybriq Logo | Cosentino Hybriq + Logo | Cosentino
Contains premium minerals tick | Cosentino tick | Cosentino
Produced with 99% recycled water tick | Cosentino tick | Cosentino
Circular economy in manufacturing process tick | Cosentino tick | Cosentino
Produced with renewable energy tick | Cosentino tick | Cosentino
Composed by a hybrid formulation of minerals tick | Cosentino tick | Cosentino
Contains a minimum of 20% recycled materials tick | Cosentino

Silestone Loft Series with Hybriq Technology

HybriQ Tecnology - FAQs

HybriQ is Cosentino´s strategic response to a market that increasingly demands transparency, sustainability, and responsibility from its suppliers, which anticipates the most restrictive legislation and outlines a more sustainable future.

HybriQ is a technology developed and patented by Cosentino for the manufacture of this new Silestone. The technology combines state-of-the-art processes, techniques and materials whilst maintaining all the advantages and properties of Silestone. Furthermore, HybriQ enhances the properties of Silestone and the working environment for those who handle the product, reducing the environmental impact of its manufacture.

Cosentino's R&D efforts are focused on two targets: the transformation of the production process towards total circularity and the modification of the Silestone formula.

All Silestone products with HybriQ technology are manufactured using 100% renewable energy and 99% recycled water. Furthermore, in line with Cosentino's circular economy philosophy, the waste generated during production is optimised, reused and returned to the production cycle as raw materials.

While HybriQ technology is a revolution in sustainability and safety, HybriQ+ goes one step further in its commitment to the environment.

All Silestone colours with HybriQ+ technology contain a minimum of 20% recycled materials, such as glass, making the product more sustainable by reusing waste.