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ASA-D2: a modular outdoor kitchen designed by Daniel Germani with Dekton®


Cosentino and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, the US premier stainless outdoor kitchen manufacturer, present ASA-D2 designed by Daniel Germani.

ASA-D2, a contemporary, free-standing outdoor kitchen designed by architect and designer Daniel Germani, utilizes ultracompact surface Dekton by Cosentino. Its modular design gives consumers the flexibility to select from four finishes and choose their appliance options, while its 360-degree functionality provides access to storage and shelving on both sides of the unit.

This exciting partnership continues Germani’s exploration of the unlimited potential of Dekton in bespoke outdoor furniture, as well as the unlimited applications of Dekton in outdoor kitchens. ASA-D2 is available in four separate colors from Dekton’s current offering. Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens utilized its innovative powder-coat process to customize the stainless steel cabinetry to replicate the pattern of the Dekton countertop. Colors offered include: Dekton Trilium, Dekton XGloss Spectra, Dekton Aura y Dekton XGloss Halo.

Since its launch in 2013, Dekton has since transformed the world of surfacing by offering superior design and performance and low maintenance.

[vc_testimonial name="Daniel Germani" prof="Designer" width="0px" ]
“As the demand for outdoor living increases, homeowners expect a heightened level of design that reflects the same level of finish found indoors. The sophisticated features of ASA-D2, the quality of the Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens cabinetry and the advanced technical properties of Dekton are truly extraordinary.”

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