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Cindy Crawford and Silestone®, together in Hollywood


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Im passionate about design, and Im delighted to be able to team up with Silestone®, which is a material that brings that distinctive, exclusive touch to the environments we create in our homes. For me, like anyone else, the home is an incredibly special place; its where I, personally, find peace and balance, and where I spend time with the most important part of my life: my family. I admire Cosentinos hard work and dedication to the creation of beautiful surfaces, which are set apart by their durability and which yield such magnificent results.

Cosentino and Cindy Crawford have held an exclusive event together in the very heart of Hollywood. This is the first event that Cosentino has held jointly with the popular Cindy Crawford since she became the image of and ambassador for Silestone® by Cosentino at the start of 2017.

The event, attended by around 300 guests, including clients of the company and representatives from the most important architecture and design studios in Los Angeles, was presided over by Eduardo Cosentino, EVP for Global Sales and CEO of Cosentino North America.

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Cindy Crawford represents the beautiful, elegant aesthetic which defines Silestone®, and which inspires lovers of design to create their own spaces. Being so closely linked to the world of fashion and design, we feel very proud of the fact that the worlds most famous supermodel has become the face of the Silestone® Tops On Topcampaign.

Silestone® advertising campaign “Tops On Top”, together with Cindy Crawford, symbolizes the union of two leading figures in their respective segments, and represents the best of beauty, fashion and design.

Also present at the event were other directors from Cosentino Group, such as Massimo Ballucchi, Marketing Director for Cosentino North America; and Santiago Alfonso, VP of Communication & Marketing for the Group.

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