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Cosentino Design Challenge adds new partners with Experimenta Magazine and BAU International Berlin University of Applied Sciences


Founded in Madrid in 1988, Experimenta is now a benchmark for companies and professionals in the sector. Experimenta is currently published as a quarterly magazine dedicated to Spanish and Latin American projects and as an online portal that collects the day’s national and international news about design and architecture. Through these offline and online platforms, Experimenta promotes all the things that happen around the Cosentino Design Challenge, and has become a great ally in promoting and raising awareness about the initiative.

The prestigious University of Applied Sciences, BAU International Berlin, with this agreement, has committed both to including the Cosentino Design Challenge in its academic calendar and to assessing and helping students that want to participate in the current edition of the challenge. BAU International Berlin was founded as part of a global and constantly growing network of universities, and aspires to become one of Germany’s leading private universities in the field of international, intercultural and interdisciplinary teaching, as well as in applied research.

With this new partnership, there are now 25 nationally and internationally recognised schools and universities that work closely with this initiative. The Cosentino Design Challenge has become one of Cosentino’s landmark achievements in its social and educational commitment to young people.

Cosentino Design Challenge 12 – Now accepting submissions

Cosentino Design Challenge 12 is currently underway, and will accept submissions until 1 June 2018. All projects must be submitted in digital format via the competition website:

During June of next year, the judging panel will announce the winning projects and their designers. There are three winners for each category, who will be awarded €1,000 each, and three runners-up.

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