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Cosentino Group expands its presence in Canada


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Cosentino Group, the Spanish world leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, strengthens its position in Canada with new company-owned facilities, thus firmly establishing the multinational in this market. Cosentino currently operates a Center in Calgary and an ‘City Associated’ showroom in Toronto, both of which opened recently, and is planning to inaugurate a new Center in Vancouver in the near future.

The group’s increasing commitment to the region was evident at its recent annual summit, which brought together its most important customers and business partners in the North American region. With the title “Cosentino 100 Strategic Summit”, this year’s convention, which is currently taking place in Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), brings together more than 300 participants from 115 fabricators, as well as major supplier companies and Cosentino North America staff.

At the summit, the goal of which is to define Cosentino’s strategic business objectives for the region and to present new developments in the Silestone® and Dekton® brands, the greater prominence of the Canadian market was evident, given that, from 2015, the three aforementioned facilities, together with the company’s specialised distributors in other regions of the country, will largely be able to cater for the needs of the market.

Commenting on the situation, the Cosentino Group’s CEO for Cosentino North America, Eduardo Martínez-Cosentino Alfonso, said that “Canada plays a pivotal role in the company’s expansion strategy for North America. The facilities in Calgary, Toronto and soon-to-come Vancouver, together with major changes in the Montreal region, mean that we will be in a position to fully and efficiently cater for our customers’ needs with the quality of service Cosentino is renowned for, while offering a larger inventory, new design tools and experts in each local market”.

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Cosentino Group currently has more than 90 Cosentino Centers worldwide, 25 of which are in the North American region: 24 in the United States and 1 in Calgary (Canada). In addition to the aforementioned pioneers in the stone -surface industry worldwide, there is the Associated City in Toronto, the two hubs in Houston (Texas) and Norfolk (Virginia), and the 14 elaboration factories in the United States. With this level of coverage, the North American region now accounts for more than 55% of consolidated group turnover.

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Finally, Francisco Martínez-Cosentino, the President and CEO of the Spanish multinational, pointed out during his welcome speech at the summit that “in 2014 we reached the milestone of having our own commercial presence on the five continents, following the opening in South Africa, and account for 90% of business in the international arena. North America continues to play a key role in this regard, and our intention is to continue growing this year through the launch of new Centers and the opening of the first Cosentino City in the United States, in New York, among other initiatives”.

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