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Cosentino launches two online design tools: “Cosentino 3D Home” and “Cosentino HD Home Viewer”


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Cosentino Group is launching two new online tools that will allow users to design and create customised rooms. Using attractive visual elements, these simulators quickly combine colours and furniture finishes, countertops, floors, tiling, and other such elements pertaining to the room’s architecture and design.

Conceived as much for the final client as for the professional, these tools are a great help for anyone involved in the process of creating interior or exterior spaces.

The catalogue for both applications includes the entire range of colours and finishes of Silestone® quartz surfaces, Dekton® ultra-compact surfaces and recycled Eco by Cosentino® surfaces, as well as the complete Cosentino Bath Collection catalogue.

The Cosentino 3D Home simulator, created using advanced technology, allows users to move the camera and focus on details from various different angles and under varying light conditions. It is a design application for rooms, exclusive to iPad users, created using high-definition images. It allows real-time, 3D movement of the room, which the user can directly interact with by moving the camera and zooming in on details.

The user can incorporate elements onto six different styles, including a clean-cut modern kitchen, a classic kitchen, an exterior kitchen, two different bathrooms and an exterior space where Dekton may be applied to the façade. Users can navigate through these areas and experiment with their designs by customising countertops, floors, wall coverings and furniture, they can change the edges on the kitchen countertops and even choose among seven different shower trays and ten sink models to customise the bathrooms.

Cosentino 3D Home is an application that is exclusive to iPads and allows you to save the designs in a library where you can edit them later on or share your creations on social networks. It is available at the App Store.

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The online design tool Cosentino HD Home Viewer, is a new Internet version of the application “Design your space”. Conceived for use from mobile phones, tablets and any personal computer, it is a multiplatform simulator with high-definition images that enables the combination of different spaces.

Six styles, among which are a modern kitchen, a classic kitchen, two complete bathrooms with sinks and shower trays that may be customised, an exterior space where Dekton may be applied on the façade and a store with a large floor area, serve as a basis for the final user to build on and customise the chosen style according to his/her preferences.

This new tool allows users to directly change the materials by clicking on countertops, façades, wall coverings, floors, furniture and bathroom elements.

Cosentino HD Home Viewer is based on HTML5 and, as such, is compatible with Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs featuring the Android system, iOS and Windows Phones, as well as with all personal computers.

Available at: and on all the Cosentino websites.

PR Cosentino launches two online design tools

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