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Cosentino South Africa hosts architectural and design professionals at the South African Institute of Architects


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Cosentino South Africa, represented by Neil Sterley and Cornelie Malan proudly facilitated and hosted architectural and design professionals at the South African Institute of Architects (SAIA) and The World Bank Group – Global Indicators Group Development Economics Business Brunch Roadshow.

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The event was well attended, with 26 leading South African architectural and design firms present.

Attendees were captivated by three thought provoking and insightful presentations:

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1. Neil Sterley, Cosentino South Africa Branch Manager, introduced the Cosentino brand and brand offering – Sensa, Scalea, Silestone and Dekton with particular emphasis on the Cosentino Vision, Mission and Values. Neil Sterley spent time laying the foundation for partnership between Cosentino SA and the architectural, design and construction industries to Imagine and Anticipate high value, innovative surfaces for architecture and design in South and Southern Africa

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2. Obert Chakarisa, CEO of the South African Institute of Architects, presented SAIA’s strategic direction for the next five years and the importance of working together and strategic partnerships in improving standards and efficacy of the institute, for example Cosentino SA partnering with SAIA and the partnership and collaboration between the regional architectural institutes and SAIA as an additional example.



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3. Trimor Mici and Moussa Traore presented the key findings of the Doing Business in South Africa 2015 report on behalf of Word Bank Group – Global Indicators Group Development Economics.  

The project was undertaken by The World Bank by mandate of National Treasury, DTI and SACN, the primary beneficiary and source of information was Private Sector Experts (SAIA, etc), Main beneficiaries and sources of information include Local & Provincial Governments and Central Agencies and Ministries.

The report presentation dealt with:

Þ   Starting a business

Þ   Dealing with construction permits

Þ   Registering property

Þ   Enforcing contracts

Þ   Getting electricity

A consistent element which was clear in all three presentations was the importance of collaboration and partnership when doing business in South Africa.

Prepared by:            Llewellyn Oliver – Brand Strategist, AquilaZone

On behalf of:            Neil Sterley – Cosentino South Africa Branch Manager

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