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‘House of Dekton®’ A Cosentino Project by Steffen Kehrle. To be showcased early 2015 at Munich BAU show and Stockholm Furniture Show


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Cosentino Group, worldwide leader in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, presents early 2015 at Munich show BAU and at Stockholm Furniture Fair, the project “House of Dekton®” designed by Steffen Kehrle.

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Dekton® is a great surface material not only due to the huge dimension of its panel format but also to its fantastic performance and applicability. “The material’s many outstanding qualities offer both architects and interior designers totally new options, and it is these options we want to showcase with the ‘House of Dekton®’”, says designer Steffen Kehrle. The “House of Dekton®” features the many different possible uses of Dekton. The 14-sided house is entirely made of the material that it is showcasing: floors, walls, roof, seating and a corresponding 14-sided table as the central element are all made from Dekton. In the house’s interior, the material’s qualities are exclusively communicated via the material itself: there is no need for additional information panels.


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The walls are made with large-format Dekton panels (1.44 x 3.20m), arranged next to each other as in a house of cards. The entire Dekton house comes in the ‘Danae’ colour finish, an elegant cream shade, reminiscent of travertine limestone. The central table with its 15 different shades mirrors the entire colour palette in which Dekton is currently available. The space has an almost sculptural feel and, besides serving as a source of information, it is also a meeting place. The ‘House of Dekton®’ is a place where visitors can meet and where architects, planners and project owners can enjoy a first-hand experience of the exceptional qualities of Dekton.

 Cosentino at BAU: Hall A 4, Booth 301 

Cosentino at Stockholm Furniture Fair:  Booth A42:16

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