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Silestone® by Cosentino celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary with the publication of the cookbook “25 Years of Iconic Spanish Cooking”


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Silestone® launched this morning the cookbook “25 Years of Iconic Spanish Cooking”, a historic book that is an important symbol and part of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Silestone® and Cosentino, creator of the brand in 1990, that is being celebrated throughout 2015.

This publication brings together 25 prestigious Spanish chefs, responsible for Spanish cuisine’s current position as world leader, and have collaborated for this book by offering an iconic recipe from their respective careers in the kitchen. The chefs are: Andoni Luis Aduriz, José Alvarez, José Andrés, Eva Arguiñano, Karlos Arguiñano, Sergi Arola, Eneko Atxa, Ricard Camarena, Quique Dacosta, Dani García, Álvaro Garrido, Diego Guerrero, Nandu Jubany, Angel León, Juan Antonio Medina, Marcos Morán, David Muñoz, Bruno Oteiza, Francis Paniego, Paco Pérez, Sergio Pérez, Ramón Sáez, Alejandro Sánchez, Juan Manuel Sánchez and Mario Sandoval.

The book begins with a very interesting foreword by journalist and food critic José Carlos Capel and a moving epilogue by master chef, Ferrán Adrià. Adrià stresses, precisely in the epilogue, that today “we are reaping the fruits of all the work we have done” and this book is certainly a faithful reflection of that thought.

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The presentation of “25 Years of Iconic Spanish Cooking” was held this morning at the Círculo de la Amistad in Cordoba together with a press conference attended by professionals from the hotel and restaurant sectors, as well as various specialised communications media. The press conference was carried out by Cosentino’s marketing director, Santiago Alfonso; journalist José Carlos Capel; and chefs Ángel León and Sergio Pérez.

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The digital version of “25 Years of Iconic Spanish Cuisine” can be downloaded from the website once you have taken part in a survey to choose Silestone®`s best colour ever. Once you have participated, the digital version is available for free.

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