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The Cosentino Group presents Dektonhenge by Apparatu in Milan Design Week 2016


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The Cosentino Group presents from the 12th to the 17th of April, in Via Savona 35, during Milan Design Week 2016 the astonishing project Dektonhenge designed by Apparatu.

Dektonhenge by Apparatu is an experimental project created by Xavier Mañosa, founder of the design studio Apparatu, which proposes a review of the origins of the ultra-compact Dekton® surfaces. Together with Cosentino’s R&D department, Mañosa puts the ultra-compact surface through a ductile and malleable process. Working with Dekton® as a raw material, he explains the transformation of the material from its liquid to solid states, working in the same way as working with ceramic. The aim of the ceramist is to discover new ways of working with Dekton®; to find out how versatile Dekton® could be; and the different uses to which it could be subjected.

Xavier selects a natural rock and digitalises its surface. From this he creates pieces in different shapes and sizes so that each of them can later be artisanally moulded. The result of this experimental exercise is the ensemble of pieces of different shapes and sizes that make up Dektonhenge by Apparatu. Finally, both the pieces worked on by the founder of Apparatu and the one created via Dekton’s industrial process are combined to create a unique, sophisticated design object.

The items of furniture designed by Xavier Mañosa and Cosentino offer an elegant symbiosis between the traditional and the manufactured, between the atavistic quality of raw rock and the technological sophistication afforded by the ultra-shiny Dekton® XGloss slabs.

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Dekton XGloss is a range of ultra-compact polished Dekton surfaces characterised by a dazzling, crystalline shine, which recently has been awarded with Red Dot Award for Best Product Design 2016. It was, in fact, the colour Dekton® XGloss Spectra black that was chosen by Xavier Mañosa to carry out his project: “I chose it specifically because its spectacular glossy surface contrasts with the matte finish of the moulded pieces that serve as a support, thus creating a very powerful glossy/matte effect.”

Mañosa plays with elements and forms similar to those of the chunks of rock that come straight from the quarry and others to which he has applied elements from the world of architecture such as the fluting found on columns to give a classical air. The ceramist uses them as a base and support for the horizontal elements of the furniture.

Large – yet light – tables; benches that combine sophisticated cutting-edge design with the rusticity of basic materials; and an absence of symmetry for the shelves are offered to us by the creativity of this ceramist from Barcelona.

The set of Dektonhenge furniture achieves the perfect balance between what the geology of our planet inspires in us and an idea by one of the most brilliant minds of European design.

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