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Scalea natural stone flooring

Beauty and durability

Scalea natural stone designs allow you to create unique, highly resistant and elegant flooring. More than 200 varieties of Scalea by Cosentino provide hygiene, resistance and original designs in marble, granite, limestone, travertine, etc.

Scalea natural stone flooring benefits

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Made to last

Its unique properties make it resistant to knocks and daily wear and tear in high-traffic areas.
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Make it shine again

This surface can be re-polished and re-sealed to restore the stone to its original appearance and distinctive design.
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Unique designs

Designs shaped by nature that make any piece unique.

Scalea: natural stone by Cosentino

Scalea turns any indoor or outdoor space where it is used into a comfortable and elegant one. It fits in perfectly due to its design and technical features. In addition, it offers endless possibilities for natural stone flooring in terms of colour, texture, shape and size.

Natural stone is the classic material for architectural and interior design projects, as well as for Cosentino’s history. Our team of experts is dedicated to finding the most authentic and genuine natural stones around the world, following the highest standards in their selection and extraction.

Due to the inherent porosity of natural stone, special maintenance and care must be taken with Scalea surfaces to avoid common stains, compared to other innovative surfaces such as Silestone and Dekton.

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Scalea suits all styles

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White Colors to Give Light

Natural stone offers a variety of white tones, each of them unique and capable of creating spaces that are lively, minimalistic, timeless, or classic. White can compliment all styles and spaces, bringing light and space to achieve excellent results.
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Black surfaces, high impact design

Natural stone offers different dark tonalities for intimate spaces of any style: modern, classic, or minimalist. The choices can align with the on-trend ‘total black’ style or create contrasting accents, with uninterrupted, polished, or veined results. Black is faultless at creating timeless designs.
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For every taste

Natural stone is famous for its unique colours full of personality and originality, capable of meeting the demands of any style and trend. Cream, grey, and orange tones, classic textures or stark contrasts...Cosentino offers infinite natural stone options for all tastes.

Maintenance and warranty of Cosentino natural stone

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Flooring with Cosentino warranty

Scalea natural stone flooring benefits from the trust and quality in the stone extraction process of Cosentino Group.

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