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7 Ways to Create a Sophisticated Scandi Kitchen

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Light, airy and easy to live with – Scandi-style kitchens work beautifully in Australian homes. And with their focus on simple lines and natural materials, they offer a timeless look that won’t date any time soon.

Give the heart of your home the Nordic treatment with these seven styling tips.

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  1. Soft, muted colours

Start with clean white walls that maximise natural light and look to add layers of gentle natural tones, such as pale grey, pebble or cream, across your joinery, seating and other key elements in the space.

Or, go for a more playful look with soft pastels such as dusty blue and mint on your built-ins, seating and lighting.

  1. Timber touches  

Timber is an essential ingredient in a Scandi kitchen, adding instant warmth and natural appeal. Consider a timber floor, timber facing to your kitchen island and open timber shelves. Classic Scandi styling favours pale and lime-washed timbers, but for more drama and contrast, try a darker timber such as walnut.

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  1. Beautiful surfaces 

Elevate the space to something truly special with beautiful natural materials on your island and benchtops. Sensa® Taj Mahal by Cosentino is a natural Brazilian quartzite with a soft, creamy background and subtle brownish veins that will add a subtle texture and interest to a Scandi-style kitchen; use it to create a show-stopping island or a stunning feature wall. It has a similar look to marble, but it’s more durable and easier to care for. And with special Senguard protection, it’s resistant to stains and comes with a 15-year warranty.

You can even use Sensa® Taj Mahal in your alfresco kitchen to create a seamless Scandi-style kitchen look inside and out.

  1. Minimalist lines

Keep the look clean and fuss-free with handle-less, push-touch cabinetry and drawers, integrated appliances, a flush-mounted cooktop, and a sink crafted from the same material as your benchtop. Introduce floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to keep clutter at bay.

Keen to add a dash of sophistication to the space? Consider decorative panelling – it’s a great way to elevate plain walls, without visually cluttering up your kitchen.

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  1. Space for dining

Gathering together for meals is an important part of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Allocate space for a dining table or design your island to include a stepped-down section where you and the family can dine together. The table or dining section is a great spot to introduce another timber element to the scheme, and you’ll find it adds to the calm and cosy feel of the space.

  1. Open shelves 

Open shelving where you can store crockery, glassware and cookbooks adds texture and depth to the space, and its practical too as everyday essentials are close at hand. Finish shelves in the same colour as your walls to make them visually ‘disappear’ from view or specify timber shelving to add a natural touch. For an eclectic Scandi vibe, boost your storage set-up with rails, hooks and hanging racks.

  1. Statement lighting

Add a warm glow to your Scandi-style kitchen with striking wall lights and pendants over your island. Seek out lighting styles that feature warm metallics, such as brushed gold, brass or copper, to add an elegant edge to your Scandi kitchen look.

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