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Dekton® takes center stage Rawsons Appliances Adelaide

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Rawsons Appliances opened its new bathroom showroom in Adelaide in December 2018. It features the first full Dekton® façade in South Australia, and showcases a wide range of surfaces, tapware and bathroom products from Cosentino and Abey Australia.

Rawsons’ original showroom occupied a corner at the intersection of Cross Road and Marion Road in Plympton Park, Adelaide. It was a dark-grey rectangular building displaying appliances and products for the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and outdoors. Wanting to provide a showroom dedicated to bathrooms, Rawsons acquired the 1940s house next door and created a modern space for showcasing surfaces, tapware and products from Cosentino and Abey Australia. The company also created South Australia’s first Weber BBQ concept store in the rear of the showroom.

Externally, the building needed to complement the size and scale of the original showroom to present a united front. Internally, the showroom needed to showcase the brands and products in a relaxing, accessible and non-competing environment. Arbitare Interior Design proposed a monolithic façade using textured black, large-format tiles with minimal joins. The modern style and colours would complement the existing building and provide a strong presence and contemporary, sophisticated aesthetic.

Rawsons selected Dekton® Sirius and Orix to clad the 130-square-metre façade to show off the product and its inherent durability, resilience and contemporary aesthetic. The 8-millimetre thickness of the slabs offers a lighter weight cladding and is suitable for direct fix. Dekton® Sirius provides a strong, simple, solid black leather-finish surface and complements the painted masonry building next door, and Dekton® Orix injects some complementary colour and organic variation. Orix was a new addition to the Industrial Collection when the selections were being made, and its surface is evocative of aged cement with an eroded, fragmented appearance and tones of steely grey, blue and green.

Rawsons, Arbitare and Cosentino worked closely together for the material selection and specification. The sizes and formats of the slabs were specified to be as economical as possible and to reduce wastage. The Cosentino façade team in Spain fabricated and exported the slabs to South Australia in a 12-weed period. More than 150 Dekton® slabs came bundled on A-frames in order of installation. Each slab was coded to match the elevation, and each was a perfect fit. The Dekton® slabs were glued to cement sheet substrate mechanically fixed to the LVL frames. A directstick method was used based on weight, ease of install and price. A golden yellow “R” is prominent against the textured black, establishing a visible, recognisable presence for Rawsons’ new showroom.

Rawsons also wanted to showcase Cosentino surfaces to customers inside the showroom. Rawsons selected Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa® for the bathroom and shower displays, choosing colours to complement, highlight and enhance the Gessi tapware collections as well as new-release and well received colours.

Silestone® wall hangings provide elegant backdrops and features popular colours from the Eternal Series. Inspired by natural stone, Silestone® Eternal has through-body colouring that provides consistency in shades, while inherent variations in veining makes each slab unique.

Calacatta Gold reproduces the coveted elegant white marble it is named for, with grey veins and subtle gold movement. Statuario is a loyal interpretation of Carrara marble with warm-grey veins over a soft white background, and Emperador evokes tradition and elegance with creamy veins and bright flecks scattered on a tobacco-brown background. Desert Silver is also inspired by the long-lasting trend for marble, and evokes an icy surface creased with fine, clear veins. Silestone® Blanco Zeus is also used throughout the showroom, offering a crisp and bright, white surface.

Dekton® is used for splashbacks, walls and floors and features a variety of surfaces from different collections. Dekton® Orix, Nilium and Radium from the Industrial Collection offer a rich and expressive urban aesthetic inspired by aged and oxidized metals, stones and cement. Domoos is a deep-black colour and Ventus is a warm, soft grey, both from the Solid Collection. Keon provides a natural, neutral tone, and Opera is inspired by Carrara marble.

The surfaces complement, highlight and enhance the black, stainless steel and white tapware, vanities and basins, showing a range of classic, traditional, modern and contemporary styles.

The project also included the creation of South Australia’s first Weber BBQ concept store. Dekton® Trilium and Sensa® Moack Black are used on benchtop surfaces, and a designer/selection table is topped with Sensa® Bianco Antico. As the showroom also serves as a hub and meeting point for designers, architects and other industry specifiers, this tables provides a gathering point with a natural and neutral backdrop with the distinctive beauty of granite.


Project: Renovation, cladding and interior fit-out of Rawsons
Appliances bathroom showroom
Size: 200 square metres
Location: 620 Cross Road, Plympton, Adelaide, South Australia
Completed: December 2018

Design: Abitare Interior Design
Construction: Bone Built; Southern Cladding Systems

Façade (130 square metres)

Dekton® Orix, Sirius, 8-mm thick

Bathroom showroom
Silestone® Calacatta Gold Suede, Statuario, Emperador, Desert
Silver, Blanco Zeus
Dekton® Orix, Domoos, Keon, Opera, Nilium, Radium, Ventus
Sensa® Bianco Antico

Barbeque area
Dekton® Trillium
Sensa® Moack Black

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