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Design Your Dream Hamptons Kitchen

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If you’re looking to add relaxed, low-key luxury to your kitchen, the classic Hamptons look is hard to beat. Think soft, coastal colours, generous proportions and an easy flow between inside and out – it’s the perfect style for those who enjoy casual entertaining, and it works equally well in both beachside and urban homes.

Here’s how to add some Hamptons magic to your dream cooking space.

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Coastal colours

When it comes to colours, look to the beach and shoreline for your cues – pale grey, duck egg blue, muted eucalypt greens and, of course, plenty of white. Make the space feel open and airy with white-washed walls and white to the rear cabinetry. Draw attention to your kitchen island by painting it in a gentle, contrasting shade such as pale blue.

White subway tiles are a classic choice in Hamptons style design kitchens. For a contemporary twist, choose a different shape, such as square, hexagonal or even penny round tiles, in a soft blue or grey that picks up on the colour of your island.

Natural materials

Timber flooring, tongue-and-groove wall panelling, stone benchtops and rattan detailing are your go-tos for the Hamptons kitchen look. They add texture and natural warmth to your kitchen, while drawing the outdoors in. Accessorise with timber-topped bar stools, linen sheers at the window and touches of leather in the adjoining living area.

A standout kitchen island

There’s something incredibly luxurious about a large expanse of stone in the centre of your kitchen. While marble makes a beautiful addition to a Hamptons kitchen, it’s hard to care for and requires ongoing maintenance. For a beautiful, easy-care alternative, consider Silestone® Et Calacatta Gold by Cosentino – a high performance surface in pure white with soft grey veining that gives you the luxe look of natural marble, with none of the upkeep issues. It’s long-lasting, stain-resistant (no sealing required) and tough enough to cope with the rigorous use of a busy kitchen.

If you have the space, opt for an island with generous proportions where you can prep, cook, dine and entertain guests.

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Shaker-style cabinetry

Panelled Shaker-style cabinetry is a signature of the Hamptons look, adding an inimitable classic-meets-contemporary feel to your kitchen.

Put the emphasis on the kitchen as a space for entertaining and connection by integrating any larger appliances such as the fridge and dishwasher and specifying floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to house benchtop appliances. If you have the room, consider including a butler’s pantry in your kitchen design where you can conceal cooking mess.

Lashings of light

Fill your kitchen with natural light by specifying large openings – think generous windows and French or sliding doors. It’s a great way to connect indoors and out, and to draw garden views into your kitchen. Boost light and views further with strategically placed mirrors in your upper cabinetry.

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Beautiful detailing

Details matter in the luxe Hamptons look. Splash out on a tall, sculptural tap in brushed gold or brass, and consider specifying leather door pulls, brass handles or chairs with brushed-metal legs. For the ultimate Hamptons addition, specify a cosy upholstered window seat piled high with cushions, where guests can sit with a drink and take in the view.

Finish off the look with indoor plants in different sizes, such as a large kentia palm or fiddle leaf fig in the corner of the room and smaller devil’s ivy or string of pearls trailing off open shelves.

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