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Frogmore Creek winery, southern Tasmania

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Frogmore Creek is the largest winery in southern Tasmania, producing wines under the Frogmore Creek and 42 Degrees South labels. Located 20 minutes from Hobart, Frogmore Creek has an award-winning cellar door and restaurant. In October 2017, Frogmore Creek expanded the hospitality arm of the business to offer an evening dining experience in the heart of Hobart.

It was a unique proposition for a winery to develop a restaurant away from its vineyard setting, however the team were confident in the venture due to the popularity of Frogmore Creek Winery as well as Hobart earning its reputation as a serious food destination. The Lounge by Frogmore Creek is a relaxed and elegant bar and restaurant located in the MACq01 Hotel on the Hobart waterfront and it brings the exceptional wine, food and service Frogmore Creek is renowned for to Tasmania’s capital city. The site offered everything the team were looking for, including stunning views and striking architecture, for which the winery is also known.

Frogmore Creek CEO James Skabo, Marketing & Brand Manager Shelley Temata and Hospitality Director and Executive Chef Ruben Koopman oversaw every aspect of the project, taking on the roles of planning, interior design and project management in the development of the 475-square-metre venue. Their self-set brief was to fit out from base build, a lounge bar and restaurant that translates the Frogmore Creek brand to the city location. They left nothing in the project to chance, personally selecting every piece of equipment, furniture, utensil, crockery, appliance and benchtop to best reflect the Frogmore Creek brand and deliver an elegant, relaxed space.

Through this hands-on approach, the Frogmore Creek team worked directly with Cosentino for surfaces as well as ASKO and Nespresso for appliances to create a space that feels more residential than commercial.

The venue is designed with a residential look and feel, like the extension of a living room, but with an urban city edge. All commercial elements are concealed from view and the space has a polished, elegant and plush finish. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxed yet with a high-end, exclusive feel.

To create a residential, rather than commercial look and feel, the design team veered away from using stainless steel, yet needed a product that could withstand heat, cold and scratches and that would be visually appealing yet durable. Dekton® by Cosentino, provided a surface that would endure the use of a commercial kitchen but offer the finish of a home kitchen.

Hospitality Director and Executive Chef Ruben Koopman had previously worked under Chef Jonnie Boer de Librije at the 3-Michelin star restaurant De Librije in Netherlands. De Librije had Dekton® benchtops that the chefs cooked food directly on, which spurred the initial interest in the high-performance product.

Dekton’s range of natural colours and choice of gloss and matt surfaces allowed for a variety of complementary surfaces to be integrated in one space. The kitchen used colour Sirius for the benchtops and colour Kelya for the cladding, and both are a deep grey-black, which helps the kitchen to visually recede in the background. Sirius is a solid colour and Kelya offers the natural appearance of marble with delicate white veining.

The bar also uses Dekton® in colour Sirius for the benchtops but is clad with colour Blaze with an XGloss finish, a lighter colour, which recedes next to the natural light source through the windows.

Larger dining tables are Dekton® in colour Trilium, from the Industrial Collection. Providing the desired “urban city edge,” Trilium is a mix of deep grey, black and rusty tones with rich, complex and beautiful imperfections reminiscent of oxidised stainless steel.

The design team gave the bathrooms as much thought and design attention as the main restaurant and kitchen areas in order to create a seamless and cohesive guest experience. Dekton® Xgloss Spectra on the walls has a glass-like finish, and like the offset, backlit mirrors, it reflects light to create a sophisticated ambience and increase the sense of spaciousness.

Like the kitchen, bar and dining tables, the vanity benchtops are Dekton® in colour Sirius with sculptural Pataline cast-iron basins and Gessi tapware. In keeping with the residential feel of the restaurant and bar, the bathrooms are finished with rugs and plush ottomans, hand towels in five shades of grey and a selection of fragrances.


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