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Nothing beats colour for adding personality and interest to a kitchen – two interior designers reveal how to get it right and the common mistakes to avoid

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We’ve said it a million times but alas we know, the kitchen is the heart and soul of your home, and colour is a great way to make it feel more inviting. Here, Kate St James and Catherine Whitting, interior designers, artists and co-founders of St James Whitting, reveal how to do colour the right way.

1.  Do be inspired by nature

For a look that’s both timeless and currently very on-trend, look to the tones in nature for your colour cues. The palette for this kitchen was drawn from the home’s surrounding bushlands, with sage green, neutrals and timber veneer, enlivened with punches of black and copper touches in the tap and hardware.

A dramatic waterfall island bench in Dekton®  Entzo by Cosentino is the hero of the kitchen. It is distinguished by its beautiful earthy white and copper tones, and complements the kitchen palette perfectly.

The client wanted a maintenance-free benchtop that could withstand chopping, heat and scratches. As it was also being extended to the outdoor barbecue, it needed to be able to withstand UV light too. This Dekton® by Cosentino finish ticked every box.

2. Do add black accents

Punches of black create contrast and depth and can work wonders at balancing out a predominantly light colour scheme. Introduce it with built-in and benchtop appliances, chairs and display items.

3. Do think beyond cabinetry

Joinery isn’t the only way to introduce colour to a kitchen. You can integrate it through coloured appliances, benchtop materials and lighting.

4. Don’t colour match paints from different brands 

Colour match with caution: always use the base product from your chosen paint brand as you’ll never get an exact replica if you switch between brands.

5. Do view materials and colours in real life

Never trust the internet for material and colour decisions. To get a true sense of whether they will work in your kitchen, view them on-site on the wall or benchtop. And be sure to look at them at different times of day and night, and under both natural and artificial light.

6. Don’t buy before you try

It can save you a lot of headaches (and expense) to get a sample door made and see it on-site before you commit to your kitchen joinery.

Explore Cosentino full range of colours and styles here.

Photography: Liz Kalaf

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