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2018 Cosentino Design Challenge (Australia) winners revealed


Cosentino Australia is excited to announce University of Technology Sydney (UTS) students Clair Espinola and Sharleen D’Souza have won the 2018 Cosentino Design Challenge (Australia). Their design is intended to bring performing arts to a broader audience.

The Cosentino Design Challenge (CDC) encourages creativity among design and architecture students around the world, with 24 institutions, schools and specialist universities in Europe, Asia, America and Oceania participating in the 2018 challenge. CDC provides students with the opportunity to experiment outside of their curriculum and within a set of given constraints, pushing them to translate conceptual ideas into sophisticated formations of space.

The 12th edition of the Cosentino Design Challenge consisted of two categories, asking architecture and design students to develop ideas based on the theme of “Cosentino and the dramatic arts” and “Cosentino and light.” The only requirement was for final proposals to include at least one product manufactured by Cosentino: Silestone®, Dekton® or Sensa®.  A panel from Allen Jack+Cottier Architects judged the Australian entries, and selected Clair Espinola and Sharleen D’Souza’s “Feel the Stage, Be the Stage, Engage the Stage” as the winning submission.

Clair and Sharleen’s design challenged the idea of the traditional performing-arts stage so as to bring music, dance and theatre to the wider public. Designed for The Goods Line in Sydney, a small public park that encourages interaction and performance, Clair and Sharleen’s design aimed to provide a space that facilitates expression and encourages performing arts in an accessible, public venue. Three-dimensional installations clad with Cosentino allow for dancing, music and theatre performances as well as public interaction and engagement. With no fixed structures, the systems can be installed throughout The Goods Line and other public spaces.

Clair and Sharleen each received an iPad mini and a four-week fulltime internship at multi-award-winning architectural practice Allen Jack+Cottier Architects for winning the Cosentino Design Challenge. Established in 1952, Allen Jack+Cottier is a leading Australian firm with offices in Sydney and Beijing. They deliver award-winning urban, interior and heritage designs across residential and commercial projects, changing the way people live, work and play.

Congratulations to Clair and Sharleen and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

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