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Archway Tower, London (Dekton® by Cosentino)

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London’s Archway Tower is a 154 ft high, 17 story building that was built above the Archway Underground station in 1963. At the time, the building was paneled with glass and concrete panels. There are a number of other buildings in the surrounding area, therefore selecting an appropriate material that met all the requirements of construction and also integrated well with the heritage surroundings was important. 3.000m2 of Dekton® Danae finish was selected and installed as it provided all the features, characteristics and finish that was needed for the space.

The renovation of the facade has considerably improved both the exterior of the Archway Tower and the surroundings.


Re-cladding of the main element of the tower resulted in the removal of the existing concrete panels and their replacement with solid Dekton® rainscreen cladding and spandrel panels. The re-cladding has facilitated the reuse of the building for residential use that amounts to sustainable development. At the same time it has improved the quality of the design in terms of architecture, urban design and the impact of the development on townscape and views while creating a connection between people and places and the integration of new development into the natural, built and historic environment.


The technical characteristics of Dekton® guarantee a uniform design that allows covering the walls of the building like a skin. Qualities such as its high resistance to ultraviolet rays, its stability to color or its high resistance to stains made it the perfect material for its application in this facade.

The installation of the ventilated façade was a real engineering task after removing the concrete panels and replacing them with Dekton® coatings, using StoVentec insulation technology. The design of the Dekton® cladding panels in the main elevations follows a regular grid of openings made with Dekton®, which enhances the appearance of the Tower. Thanks to Dekton®, the architectural elements of the main elevations have helped to magnify the structure and personality of the historic building.


The new Dekton® coating has facilitated the reuse of construction for residential use and has improved the design quality in terms of architecture and urban design.

Dekton® has obtained the European Technical Assessment (ETA) 14/0413 document and CE marking as an external wall cladding for ventilated façades. Thanks to its properties, Dekton® surface can be perfectly incorporated onto façades by means of different types of concealed stainless steel or aluminum fixings. The ETA issued for Cosentino includes the characterization and experimental evaluation of the Dekton® surface for use as external wall cladding for façades: wind load resistance, impact resistance and reaction to fire, durability, and the characterization of the fixing components necessary for the surface to be conveniently incorporated onto façades. External cladding for ventilated façades with the CE marking offer performance that has been assessed by a third party and performance characteristics that have been confirmed and contrasted according to European methodologies.


In addition, Dekton® obtained in 2016 the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD®) after analyzing during 2015 the environmental impact of its life cycle. The results obtained in the Life Cycle Analysis of Dekton® reflect optimal results in the following analyzed phases of the product: production in the industrial plant, transport, installation, use and end of life. Certified by The International EPD® System, this certificate confirms Cosentino Group’s high environmental compromise policy, and guarantees its implication in the improvement in the efficiency of raw material and energy consumption, reducing the generation of waste.


Project Details:

Name: Archway Tower, London, United Kingdom

Completed: 2016

Architecture Studio:

Grid Architects



Cosentino Materials:

Application: Ventilated Façade

Anchoring system: StoVentec

Material: Dekton® by Cosentino

Colour: Danae

Thinkness: 12 mm.

Quantity: 3.000 m2



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