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Cement and natural trends influence new Dekton® and Silestone® colours

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Cosentino is making a major worldwide sales launch with the presentation of new finishes for Dekton® and Silestone® that address current aesthetic and decorative trends in interior and exterior architecture and design. The two trends defining this important launch are the Cement and Natural trend.

These new colours were unveiled this year at Milan Design Week 2018, where they were warmly welcomed and enthusiastically accepted by professionals and end consumers alike.

Cement Trend

Cosentino has managed to reinterpret the different grey and industrial tones that make up building materials such as cement and concrete, and whose presence in avant-garde and contemporary design grows every day. This trend includes the new Laos, Soke, Kreta and Lunar colours from the Dekton® Industrial Collection

Natural Trend

Cosentino continues to bet on the beauty of the natural, the beauty of the eternal, the beauty given to us by the most well-known and requested marbles asked for by lovers of natural stone. Within this trend, we find the new Vera and Kira colours from Dekton®, as well as the new classics Pearl Jasmine, Eternal Marfil and Desert Silver from the Silestone® Eternal Collection.

Dekton® by Cosentino

Cosentino is developing four matte colour offerings to expand the successful Industrial Collection of the ultracompact surface Dekton®. Laos, Soke, Kreta and Lunar are the names given to the new Dekton® Industrial colours; with a calm, detailed aesthetic, they reinterpret different cement finishes.

With nature and its pure aesthetic as the real protagonist, Cosentino is launching Vera and Kira to form part of the Dekton® Natural Collection. Vera and Kira are inspired by the elegant, versatile appearance of the popular Gris Pulpis marble, and the difference between the two lies in their base tone.



Silestone® Eternal expansion Cosentino is expanding the successful Silestone® Eternal collection, which pays faithful tribute to history’s most popular marbles. The new colours have an authentic natural, marbled aesthetic, which they fuse with the technology, innovation, quality and functionality of Silestone®.

Discover the new Dekton® and Silestone® by Cosentino colours today.

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