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Cosentino contributes to the Greater Sydney Commission initiative


The Cosentino HUB in Casula, opened in July 2017, is a state-of-the-art facility that serves as Cosentino Australia’s headquarters, distribution centre and showroom. With interstate trucks and shipping containers requiring access to the site on a daily basis it was important for the facility to be located near large roadways and access points.

The need for businesses such as Cosentino to be located on accessible industrial or urban land is emphasised in a new report and accompanying video released by the Greater Sydney Commission (GSC), an initiative of the NSW Government. The first of the GSC’s Thought Leadership Series, A Metropolis that Works, outlines the importance of industrial and urban land for businesses, employment and the growth of Sydney.

Cosentino is proud to have contributed to the Greater Sydney Commission initiative, with Con Papadakis, Cosentino Regional Director Oceania, featuring on the video. Con describes how Cosentino selected its Casula site with consideration for the future: The 12,500-square-metre facility is large enough for Cosentino to grow into and the future intermodal terminal at Casula will prove to be advantageous.

Great cities require more than residential neighbourhoods, yet industrial and urban land and activities are often somewhat overlooked. In fact, while Greater Sydney is the manufacturing capital of Australia, only 8 per cent of land is presently zoned for non-residential uses such as industrial and urban services. A Metropolis that Works therefore discusses how the location and accessibility of industrial and urban land is fundamental to the future of the working city and businesses such as Cosentino.

Other business who featured in the Greater Sydney Commission video include Boral (Granville), Willie the Boatman brewery (St Peters), Liverpool Glass (Liverpool) and Northern Beaches Printing/Docmaster (Brookvale).

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