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Cosentino hosts Post Eurocucina and Bagno Review 2016

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Last week, Cosentino Australia together with InDesign and Habitus hosted an exclusive event with key clients and industry influencers to talk through all the new trends and themes revealed at Eurocucina and Bagno 2016. Guests were invited to the Cosentino City Centre Showroom in Alexandria to enjoy a panellist discussion on the latest kitchen and bathroom design trends seen at Eurocucina and Bagno. Panellists included Alice Blackwood editor of Indesign, Belinda Chippindale from Hare + Klein and Ljiljana Gazevic from SJB.

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What was different at Eurocucina this year?

Insightful panellists, Alice, Belinda and Ljiljana said that this year Eurocucina wasn’t filled with as many stands in comparison to previous years. Alice explained that two years ago the fair was much more ‘happening’ and filled with a variety of stands where as this year it felt smaller, and larger brands such as Boffi didn’t participate. Belinda went on to note that something she noticed which was different to previous years was the move towards  kitchen and dining areas merging together and how this was embedded in design language.

Overall, the panellists agreed that ‘Milan is a springboard for ideas and Australian designers need to master how to bring this into the local market’.


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What were some of the biggest trends and themes this year?

According to Alice, this year a lot of brands are connecting back to mother nature, taking inspiration from the environment and bringing it into the home.

Another trend present at Eurocucina and Bagno was that accessories you would normally find in the living space were being brought into the bathroom. The panel also noted that accessories traditionally found in living spaces are now being brought into the bathrooms such as USB charges. This then brought the question of whether the bathroom is still a place where we disconnect from the outside world, or do we take our technology everywhere that we go and is the world of interior design going to have to work around this?

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Cosentino launched their new surface Dekton XGloss which is a new line of polished high-tech ultra-compact surfaces characterised by their dazzling crystal shine. Cosentino also use the occasion to reveale the six new colours that have been added to the Dekton range inspired by natural stone and industrial finishes. 

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A special thank you to our panellists and guests who came along to discuss all things Eurocucina and Bagno. We’re already looking forward to seeing what the popular trends and themes the fair has to bring in 2018!

See here for some more images from the event – Habitus at Cosentino talking Eurocucina

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