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Cosentino Statement on Silestone

Stone Industry Update:
Statement on Silestone® Crystalline Silica Content of Mineral Surfaces with HybriQ Technology®

Silestone® by Cosentino with HybriQ Technology® is a Mineral Surface available in Australia, which contains less than 40% crystalline silica.

As global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, Cosentino is passionate about its corporate responsibility and remains absolutely committed towards the health of those who work with its products.

Cosentino has this week written to federal, state and territory health ministers, agencies, and other stakeholders in response to concerns about the re-emergence of silicosis in the Australian engineered stone industry.

Presently, Victoria is the only state which has legislated a minimum standard of silica composition for engineered stone. The Occupational Health and Safety Amendment (Crystalline Silica) Regulations 2021 defines 'engineered stone' as being manufactured composite stone material that contains resins and 40% or more crystalline silica.

Cosentino supports the development of a nationally coordinated approach focussed on the elimination (so far as is reasonably practicable) of health and safety risks associated with high- risk crystalline silica work and encourages the adoption of the Victorian legislation.

Cosentino believes the Victorian regulations strike the right balance between improving worker safety, protecting the jobs of 4,500 stonemasons, as well as jobs in the construction and home building industries, whilst still providing consumers with high-quality, sustainable products for their home and/or business.

To anticipate the most demanding regulations in the industry, after several years, a research and development investment of more than €3.7m and more than 1200hrs of industrial trials, Cosentino has developed cutting edge HybriQ Technology®. Silestone® slabs with HybriQ technology® maintains all the properties and physical benefits of quartz surfaces, while reducing crystalline silica levels and embracing sustainability as a basic principle.

Silestone® with HybriQ Technology® represents an innovative generation of advanced sustainable mineral surfaces composed of a hybrid formulation of premium minerals and produced through a sustainable manufacturing process, with 99% recycled water and 100% renewable electric energy.

Cosentino has converted since early 2022 all its Silestone® production to HybriQ Technology®.

Silestone® Q10 and Q40 products now contain a maximum 10% and 40% crystalline silica content respectively. HybriQ+® also contains more than 20% recycled content. Cosentino is currently distributing Silestone® Q40 in Victoria and is on target to ensure all products distributed in Australia contain less than 40% crystalline silica in early 2023.

'Our goal is to exclusively offer Silestone Q40 and below in Australia by the first quarter of 2023. We are fully confident we will meet that target,' shares Itay Shimony, VP of Cosentino Oceania.

Cosentino is also actively communicating and engaging with registered stonemasons, builders, fabricators, and other stakeholders in Australia to raise awareness of the availability of its mineral HybriQ surfaces. With technological advancements and sustainable manufacturing Cosentino has shown it is possible to achieve lower crystalline silica surfaces, with the same high performance and aesthetics.

We welcome any enquiries about Cosentino’s products, our commitment in creating sustainable products, and the active steps we are taking to ensure that our products meet safety regulations and standards in Australia.


Media contact: Alexandra Tomasi

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