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Dekton® Portfolio: Connect to nature in simple, subtle ways

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Connecting with nature is an innate human need that has great benefits for our health and wellbeing. Today, however, we spend around 90 per cent of our lives indoors, disconnected from the natural world. As we recognise the importance of being in close proximity to nature, there has been a growing movement towards biophilic design, with natural materials and nature-inspired surfaces introduced into homes and workplaces.

Cosentino’s new Dekton® Portfolio collection comprises seven surfaces inspired by some of the world’s most coveted and ubiquitous stones, bringing a sense of nature into the home. This closer connection to the natural environment has benefits for our physical, mental and emotional health by reducing stress, fostering relaxation, improving productivity and creativity, and expediting healing.

The versatile colours in Dekton® Portfolio are suitable for everyday life and all types of projects. Each colour is based on a monochrome background with subtle veining and delicate detailing, texture and variation. The colours and patterns are complementary to timber, concrete , and are a versatile choice in traditional, classic, modern and contemporary environments.

Rem is inspired by elegant Calacatta Lincoln, with fine brown and grey veining and touches of gold.  The surface is understated in a classic or contemporary home – perfect for a kitchen or vanity countertop, or cladding the shower for a more immersive feel.

Aeris has light grey-beige tones that evoke the natural beauty of White Limestone. This neutral shade is a beautiful way to add cream-coloured warmth and subtle depth to an otherwise white space. 

Sasea retains the prominent tone of the popular Sahel Limestone. Its cream-grey tone is brimming with details and nuances, and its natural warmth pairs wonderfully with timber cabinetry. It can be used on all bathroom surfaces to create a warm and enveloping look and feel. 

Kovik is inspired by natural materials with a soft grey base and subtle, flowing movement throughout. Its apparent simplicity enhances its versatility, teaming well with neutral materials and furnishings inside, and blending with nature and the landscape outside.

Eter has a dark granite-like appearance with a multi-toned palette, having a charcoal base with grey and brown undertones. It is a strong contemporary look for indoors and outdoors, and can be part of  a dark palette for a bold monochromatic interior, or paired with timber to create a gentle softness.

Dekton® Portfolio is ideal for everyday use and can complement a broad range of hospitality and commercial settings, as well as being used throughout the home in the kitchen and vanity benchtops, splashbacks, tabletops, floor tiles, and interior and exterior wall cladding.

Dekton® Portfolio is part of The Collection, which combines four themed series – Portfolio, Chromica, Liquid and Avant-Garde – each with their own distinctive personality. The exclusive palette of colours combines the latest trends with a range of materials that are perfect for everyday projects.

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