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Dine and design: Vogue Living and Cosentino do dinner

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Last week, Cosentino collaborated with Vogue Living to host an exclusive VIP event with key clients and industry influencers.  Guests were invited to enjoy dinner over a discussion on the latest kitchen and bathroom design trends and themes as seen in Vogue Living, shared by Editor in Chief, Neale Whitaker, in addition to insight on the current risks he’s seeing designers take in the market.


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Throughout the night, guests enjoyed one on one time with Neale discussing all things interior design and getting advice on current renovations and designs they are working on. Guests included leading architects and designers, social influencers across the interior design landscape, design TV personalities and colour experts across the industry.

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Neale kicked off his presentation by explaining what’s in Vogue Living and essentially what comes across his desk is from websites and blogs and all around the world. A key trend that the market does not seem to be moving away from is combining materials to create spaces full of different textures. At the moment Neale is seeing a mix of reflective surfaces.

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metal and copper, timber and also brass which is becoming increasingly popular across the market and paving the way for what a contemporary kitchen or bathroom looks like.

Neale then highlighted that Blue is back and it’s dominating Aussie kitchens! Colour has recently made its way into the market and he is loving all the bold applications that are being executed. According to Neale, what was once considered outrageous is currently a trend, which Vogue Living loves. Neale also said, “Who would’ve thought that we’d be seeing so much colour in kitchens of today, absolutely love the use of blue subway gazed tiles – so boutique, so old fashion but I love it!”

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Another trend that has been hitting Vogue Living is the antique age look of exposed plasma wool houses that bear the scars of their age. He was also impressed with the fact that Cosentino has been able to reflect this trend in one of the latest Dekton surfaces, Trillium which he is in love with.

One of the biggest trends Neale highlighted is individualism, where people are making statements and playing around more and more. However he advised that if you’re renovating for resale you have to find the line down the middle and appeal to a broader market. He continued, “We’re in a really optimistic time in interior design, a few years ago people would have said no way to what is happening now.”

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Thank you to all of our clients who came along to enjoy the session. We hope you learned a few things about the latest trends in Vogue Living and how to apply these into your projects!

See here for some more images from the event – Dine and design: Vogue Living and Cosentino do dinner 


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